City Tours Hoorn

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City Tours Hoorn

Professionally guided tours of Hoorn and West Friesland.

The medieval city of Hoorn is the pearl of West Friesland. In the company of our professional guides, you will get a clear picture of the origins and development of Hoorn through the centuries. The Golden Age in Hoorn and Amsterdam were hugely influential in the growth and prosperity of all of Holland. The ships of the United East India Company sailed to the “Far East” to discover its treasures and mysteries and take them back to Hoorn.

City Tours Hoorn is also happy to take you through the rest of West Friesland. In addition to walking, we also offer guided tours with:

  • e-choppers
  • fatmax e-steps
  • ebikes and city bikes
  • fatbikes.

Make your choice above for walking, Cycling or Fun.


A small sample of our offerings.

If you haven’t had a chance to choose yet, check out the following tours:

  • Green Tour: See the special flora and fauna of the North Holland Kop van Noord-Holland by bicycle, e-bike or e-chopper. Keep your camera at the ready!
  • Scavenger hunt for the children. You go in search of Bontekoe’s 4th boy. We know of 3: Hajo, Padde and Rolf. But was there a 4th or not? Discover it together with our guide, your friends, family, class or sports club.
  • Tour of the moment (walking, biking or fun): be surprised by current events. For example: on May 4 and 5 the “hand walks” along war memorials; in the summer the Waterwekentour and “special tours” at every event in Hoorn, Medemblik and Enkhuizen.

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Visit the iconic cheese market in Edam this month! With a choice from one of our many devices, you can enjoy a unique experience. This historical market, which attracts thousands of visitors every summer, offers a unique opportunity to travel back in time.