About us

About City Tours Hoorn

City Tours Hoorn has West Frisian roots. Bob, one of the owners, was born in Hoorn and loves to share his love for the city with you. And, we think, what better way to do that than to take a nice tour by bike or while walking or with an E-step XL. We organize the standard tours but are also very happy to customize them, according to your wishes.
Always we pass by the spectacular highlights but who knows, you may want to take a memory-lane walk past your childhood and we’ll weave the special spots with the history of the city.

Our company Renttourbuy is originally a tour operator with Segway tours through city and country. In 2016, we expanded to include bicycle rentals in Ouddorp (Goeree-Overflakkee) and Hoorn. Our shop at 57 Little North has everything you need to spend a day, week or longer riding around on bike, tandem, ebike etc. We have children’s bikes as well as bike trailers and also the 4-footer can come along in a basket or dog trailer.
Last year we already offered many tours but in order to provide more clarity to customer and partners we have put all our tours under a separate brand: City Tours Hoorn. All our expertise of years carry through to CTH: quality, continuity, service and a whole lot of fun.


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