Hoorn up close

Let us tell you the story of Hoorn. Of course we have our beautiful standard historical tours but did you know that we can easily and gladly customize them to your needs?

Versatile Hoorn has it all. The port city lies directly on the Markermeer, formerly the Zuiderzee, and is known for its rich VOC past. In the beautiful city center of Hoorn you will find more than 300 national monuments, many of which have their origins in the Golden Age. In addition to the monumental buildings, the city has cozy harbors, hidden courtyards, old warehouses, the West Frisian Museum, lovely terraces and much more. We’ll show you everything. Make your choice below or email us for a customized tour.


Golden Age walk

The historic Golden Age walk around Hoorn harbor.

A beautiful walk through Hoorn’s past is what this historic golden age city tour offers! Immerse yourself in the rich history of Hoorn’s streets, interspersed with beautiful facade art.

In the golden age, Hoorn was a very prosperous city. Horn ships fanned out across all the world’s seas, trading from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Horn. The United East India Company provided many of these monuments. We would love to take you around our unique city by the water. Be surprised!

Monuments Walk

Walking past Hoorn’s most eye-catching monuments

This city tour will give you a taste of the cultural history of Hoorn, a city with old warehouses and beautifully maintained harbors. Pay special attention to the beautiful gable stones you will encounter along the way.

We walk through the Roode stone, to the old harbor with the Main Tower. Along the way, we see authentic warehouses and dike houses. We visit the only remaining city gate to continue our way through the medieval street plan.

Mariatoren of Kruittoren

Scavenger hunt for the children

Hajo and Rolf are ready to board the Nieuw Hoorn to the East Indies. Toad comes to see them off and falls asleep on board…. Unintentionally, he makes the journey and the three comrades have many adventures. But do you know that there would also be a fourth boy along? Skipper Bontekoe is on the quay and eager to leave but not everyone is on board yet! Will you help the Ship’s Boys of Bontekoe find their friend in time before the boat leaves?

Go on a scavenger hunt through beautiful Hoorn. By putting the letters in the correct box, you will know how to find it back in the city. Maybe he is closer than you think? If you guessed everything right you will receive a delicious ice cream when you turn in the scavenger hunt.